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Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cable retains all the features of standard patch cord, like flexibility, size and easy to install. However, it is much stronger due to its extra metal armor layer. This cable will allow you to protect your optical fiber from physical damage, such as rodents, pressure and impact, without being bulky and heavy. 

It can be used in harsh environment or limited space where more rugged cable is required. You do not need conduit to run these cables. Meanwhile, it can effectively reduce construction and maintenance costs.


Available in:

   ---single mode and multi-mode fiber

   ---simplex, duplex, multi-core fiber strand

   ---FC/LC/SC/ST connector

   ---PVC and LSZH jacket

   ---blue, grey or yellow cable

   ---any length

High-quality optical fiber and connector to ensure product durability and accuracy

Strict test and visual inspection to guarantee top performance

RoHS compliant