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Since 2011, Wuhan Seifree Technology Co.,LTD has provided high quality fiber optic products and solutions for our customers in many industries, including broadband, telecom, data center, fiber laser, fiber sensor, on-line monitoring, medical equipment, aerospace and military defense.


Over the past 10 years, we have become an experts in the design, manufacture and sales of fiber optic equipment and accessories. 

Our Mission

We aim to be global leading provider of fiber optic project solutions and bring value to customers around the world.  


Our Products

Fiber Optic Splitter (FBT Splitter, PLC Splitter, Filter Splitter)


Micro-optic Devices (Optical Isolator, Optical Circulator)

Fiber Optic Interconnect (Fiber Optic patch Cable, Fiber Adapter, Fiber Attenuator)


Our Team

We have a mature and efficient team - R&D, Production, QC, Marketing. 

Based on a deep understanding of customer expectations and needs, our team will provide them competitive prices and value-added services.

Standard or custom, simple or complex, our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide quality solutions that meet our customer’s needs.