Seifree, established on 25 March 2011, is located in Optics Valley of China. We specialize in the design and manufacture of fiber optic products, which are serveing as emerging part of the communications industry. The products include Optical Multiplexer (DWDM, CWDM, Triple-play WDM), Fused Bi-Conical Taper (Coupler, WDM) and Waveguide Splitter (PLC Splitter), Micro-optics (Circulator, Isolator), Fiber optical Interconnect (Optical Jumper, Adaptor) and other modules of Active (CWDM SFP) or Passive.
All products are designed, manufactured and delivered to meet the requirements of Telcordia and ISO9001.

        The Corporate Culture---Service, Excellence, Innovation, Fidelity, Reciprocity, Economical and Development
        The W
ork Atmosphere---Solidarity and Cooperation

        Welcome to Seifree, we would provide the high-quality product and considerate service to meet your demands.